rReplikator 5.03

rReplikator is watching all folders containing your data
5.03.1488 (See all)

rReplikator is watching all folders containing your data
As soon as a file changes, rReplikator will copy the file to “another place”. “Another place” might be a directory on the same hard disk the data reside on. Even better is a copy to another disk. If the data disk fails, the other disk still contains a timely copy. For sure, “another place” may be on another computer or server a network.
Main features:
- replicates your data when they change
- supports USB-drives, USB-sticks, network drives and all kinds of external drives
- uses sophisticated rules to determine when to replicate files
- writes versions of your files as shelter in case of accidental deletion or file corruption
- has scheduled copy jobs to copy data from any source to any target
- may compress your data
- may encrypt your data
- supports FTP up- and download
- writes versions when processing scheduled copies as well
- zips changed files on pre-defined points in time. You will burn these files for archiving.
- restores files from version history
- will notify you by eMail about succeeded and failed jobs
- is your tool for data backup, no matter whether locally or networked.
- is your tool for autmated data propagationto various targets

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